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Standard solutions with customized cabling

Finding standard components online is today a simple thing that also makes it easy to compare the cost based on the purchasing channel. But if you need to combine these […]

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Encoder Technical terms and explanations

There are many and difficult technical terms used to define the technical data of an encoder. Below you will find a glossary that explains some of these terms. Technical terms […]

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Inclinometer from DIS Sensors SIL2/PLd recertified

We are pleased to announce the recent Notified Body recertification of DIS successful SIL2/PLd Safety inclinometer family of sensors, which was developed entirely in-house.  In 2016, DIS sensors was one […]

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Closed for the summer

Now it's time for vacation and therefore we close the office week 29 and 30. We are back again the second of August. Have a great summer!

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Illuminated IP67 pushbutton with M12 connector

Pusbuttons in HMI applications are often exposed to extremely harsh operating conditions. High IP and robustness is then required in applications such as heavy duty and special vehicles where dirt, […]

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Tflex HP34 - A silicone-free, graphite-based gapfiller

Tflex HP34 is the latest addition to Laird’s wide range of thermal interface materials. This product suits many applications where very high thermal performance is needed. Silicone-free composition makes it […]

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Seal stuff in, seal stuff out!

If you work with machinery in a hostile environment, you know the value of keeping your equipment in peak condition. After all, even the slightest flaw in your system could […]

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about our sensors from DIS Sensors

Some questions are more frequent than others. Here is a short summary of questions often asked regarding our sensors from DIS. Take this opportunity also to learn more about the […]

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Stigab is expanding!

Both with new employees and new premises. Here's a sneak peek of our new After Work room and conference room. We all are looking forward to be together again using […]

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Happy midsummer!

Today we are closing our office at 12 am due to the Swedish celebration midsummer! We also want to take the opportunity to inform you that we are closed for […]

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Softzorb GDS – A low deflection force gap filler absorber - 18-35Ghz

SoftZorb GDS is a softer entry within Laird’s standard Eccosorb product line. This softer material offers easier deflection for use in cavities whenever a lid may potential contact with and […]

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Customize your HJLG3 joystick with several different grips

OTTO has recently released the Joystick HJLG3, which can be adapted with several different grips to easily create your own complete grip. HJLG3 is a very cost-effective joystick, sealed to […]

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Series 09 LIN Switch Panel for vehicle interiors - Intelligent and reliable

EAO has designed the Series 09 LIN (Local Interconnect Network) Switch Panel for numerous applications in on-road and off-road vehicles. The reliable LIN Switch Panel offers LIN bus integration which […]

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In need of limit switches fast?

With long production experience and a wide range of #limitswitches our partner Otto Excellence support the need from commercial to military MIL-PRF-8805 standards and to great lead times. Check out […]

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New product - Tflex SF10 a soft 10W/mK non-silicone gap filler

Laird gap fillers are used to bridge the interface between hot components and a chassis or heat sink assembly to increase the overall heat transfer from the system. The unique […]

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Choose the right e-stop switch with the new on-line configurator

With EAO’s new e-stop switch configurator you will find it easier to choose what type to you need with regards to your own specific requirements. 6 different E Stop ranges […]

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Happy Easter!

We are closing our office today 1/4 at 13 pm and are opening again at Tuesday 6/4. Happy Easter from the STIGAB-team!

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Stigab makes changes for continuous growth!

After 37 verry successful years, Stefan Ödlund and the Ödlund family will now hand over the control handle to Niclas Qvist as the new Managing Director at STIGAB.   Stefan […]

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New cost-effective joystick with very high performance

Our JHL joystick is a new cost-effective IP68S dense half-power joystick with very high performance. Important with the new design has been to get a joystick that can handle very […]

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Programmable encoders

Interested to learn more about what’s possible to do with a programmable encoder? Check out this instruction video and/or contact us and we will help you. With the help of […]

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