Medigenic keyboards are well known in healthcare, but we also sell a lot to dentists and veterinarians. We can also offer great potential in many areas where you can use the same keyboard with several different options.

Our products can also be customized by creating a product with your own logo.

More information about Keyboards/mouse

Medigenics washable keyboards are developed for use in healthcare where good hygiene is very important. All these keyboards and key units are available in different enclosure classes such as IP65 or IP67. Also available vandal-proof alternatives and units in accordance with ISO 13849.

The Medigenic keyboards has a good writing sensitivity and also has a completely smooth surface, which means that bacteria and viruses do not get stuck in joints. This also applies to our completely smooth computer mouse. The products are approved for IP67.

Backlit buttons make it easy and safe to use the keyboard in the dark. One push of a button is enough to deactivate all keys on the keyboard during cleaning.

Did you know?

The products in display on our website is just a selection of what we can offer. Please let us know if you're looking for something not present at our site.

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