How we work

We are with you throughout the process – from idea to delivery and follow-up. Learn more about how we work and what steps we believe are crucial for a successful delivery.

We are with you throughout the whole process

There may be a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right components. Many times there can also be several different answers to one and the same challenge. In order to present the optimal solution, we are happy to enter the process at an early stage. And we won't leave it until you've got exactly what you need.

Needs analysis

Everything we do at Stigab is based on knowledge. To stay ahead, we always strive for increased specialist knowledge that we are constantly building through competence development and having a customized approach to our assignments. We teach our partners what we can, and they teach us the same way. Our customers are experts in their environment and requirements, which means that it is in the dialogue and the customer meeting that the best foundation for your solution is laid.

Financial framework

It is not always a cheap solution that is the best solution! Based on the completed needs analysis in each project, we at Stigab can engage in dialogue with you about various advantages and disadvantages of different alternative products. In this way, we ensure that you get the best component cost combined with other aspects such as assembly, longevity, quality and emotional.

Personal support

With us, you work with the same person from the beginning of your project to the end, regardless of technical or commercial issues. Everything to make them easy for you as a customer to know who to turn to.

Alternative solutions

Gaining blindness to a specific product or solution can make you miss something that can be of benefit to your application. We help to think a little differently to perhaps add function or solve minor and disturbing "problems".


An incredibly important point for operators not to suffer from wear and tear and at the same time get such a smooth flow in their daily work as possible. Our suppliers specialize in designing components and solutions with the best ergonomics with the user in focus.

Standard products

From our relatively large supplier base, in many cases we can solve the needs with one of our standard products. With minor adjustments such as spring force in a joystick, we can find the "right feeling" that you are looking for. We also have the option of adapting standard products with, for example, different cable length and/or mounting of connectors.

Special adaptations

In cases where the standard product is insufficient or if you want to combine several functions into one and the same housing, we look at the changes that are required. In many cases, we can combine different existing solutions to take advantage of the cost benefits. With our suppliers' experience, we can propose which evaluation tests we consider necessary to ensure the life and quality of your product. If you want a different feel in a push button or in the movement of a joystick, then we have many alternative domes or springs to make the feeling the right one. Tell us what you want, and we look at the options together to find the right adaptation.

Data sheets

In order to ensure that the product meets your requirements and that we understand your needs correctly, we always ensure that you receive a basis for approval. This is whether it is a standard product or a specially adapted solution for you.


We can provide 2-D and 3-D drawings in most different formats so that you can, as easily as possible, complete your internal documentation.


With datasheets and CAD drawings you come a long way, but you can never get the real feeling that an evaluation sample can give you.


Cost is not just in the product. Stigab can help you with logistics solutions such as warehousing and packing several products, etc. Let's look at the best solution for you.


STIGAB represents market-leading manufacturers of electromechanical components. Our customer focus is Scandinavian companies looking for products for demanding applications and customized solutions. Our expertise helps the customer in the choice of product or solution, all the way from idea to production.
- We prioritize customer focus, keep promises and show commitment.
- We take personal responsibility, provide feedback and engage in continuous improvement.
This policy constitutes a commitment for management and employees to meet customer requirements and applicable legislation.

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