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Clarification on the grounds that the new Data Protection Regulation enters into force on May 25, 2018: Our privacy policy will automatically enter into force on May 25, 2018. Your continued use of the website from that day will be the subject of the new policy.

Who are we

STIGAB is a company in the Addtech Group and is located in Slagsta Strand just south of Stockholm. Our website address is

Personal data we collect and why we collect them


This site uses cookies from Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Cookies store data locally on your device. A cookie is information that is sent from our web to your browser and stores it as a file on your device. Thanks to it, the site knows that you have visited us before.

Who we share your information with

We share information about our site visitors with Google. The collected statistics in Analytics then help us to see the visitor's activity on the website, to see trends and content that need to be adapted and / or developed by us to improve your experience of We never use the information we collect to track individual people but treat the information about your use on the website as an anonymous digit basis in our visitor statistics.

More about cookie files

Cookies can be stored in your browser. You can view and manage cookies in the browser (however, you may not be able to do so in web browsers in mobile devices).

Don't want to allow cookies?

Some prefer not to allow cookies. In most browsers you can therefore choose how cookies should be handled. In some browsers cookies are limited or deleted. Therefore, we recommend that you review the settings for cookies. In some browsers, you get more precise control as you can specify rules for how cookies should be managed on different websites. This means that you can specify that cookies should only be allowed from websites that you trust. E.g. In the Google Chrome browser, the "Clear Web Information" option is available in the Tools menu. You can use this option to remove cookies and other data from plug-ins and websites. In Chrome, you can instead use incognito mode. You can surf in incognito mode when you do not want information about sites you visit and things you download to be saved in the web and download history. All cookies created when you use incognito mode are deleted when you have closed all the incognito windows.


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