Advanced Input Systems

Advanced Input Systems, part of TransDigm, has developed thousands of custom solutions for numerous companies in the medical, industrial, defence, and gaming industries.

Since March 2019, Advanced Input Systems has been included in the TransDigm Group, which was founded in 1993 and is listed on the US market. The headquarter is located in Cleveland.

TransDigm has grown and developed as a company over the past 25 years, there is a commitment to innovation and service to customers. Nothing is more important than delivering reliable products, as well as delivering on time. Their innovative corporate culture means that customers want to continue to choose TransDigm when new business opportunities arise.

Advanced Input Systems, has developed thousands of customized solutions for many different companies in the medical, defense and gaming industries, such as custom input devices, control panels, user interfaces, dispenser and touch screen integration, hand controls and keypads, custom and robust keyboards, keyboards and accessories where the focus on hygiene. Advanced Input Systems has been involved in developing Medigenic products together with the University College of London Hospital, which means that the keyboards are made by the actual user.

Did you know?

The products in display on our website is just a selection of what we can offer. Please let us know if you're looking for something not present at our site.

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