TIM Thermal

Thermal problems are the most common single cause of cumbersome electronics. Thus, leading away heat effectively is one of the most important parameters to take into account when designing electronic devices.

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A cooler design makes it possible to design compact units with increased performance.

As a Laird Channel Partner, STIGAB offers a full range of heat-conducting products to help you control the temperature of your application

Surfaces between hot components and heat sinks are never perfect. Thermoconductive materials streamline component performance by providing good mechanical contact and eliminating air pockets between hot components and their coolers.

We help you to create suitable thermal pads and gapfillers, from your drawings, or in standard formats.

Laird develops thermal materials of all types that allow you to optimize your design.

    • Tgard electrically insulating thermal pads.
    • Tflex gap fillers in the form of pads or as dispensable material, Tputty.
    • Tpcm phase change material
    • Tflex and Tgrease silicone-free materials
    • Tons graphite-based materials with extremely good heat dissipation in the X-Y plane.

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