Our displays and screens in the 3D series can be a good choice for those looking for a vehicle display. The construction is well adapted to the tough applications and harsh environments that are common in heavy vehicles, such as agricultural, construction and mining vehicles.
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The 3D displays are built for the rugged conditions and harsh environments common in off-highway vehicle cab solutions such as agriculture, construction, and mining vehicles. All displays in the 3D Series undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the ISO and ANSI specifications, such as environmental seal, temperature range and electrical conditions.

The new 5-inch and 7-inch versatile displays utilize a scratch-resistant, anti-glare window that optically bonds to the LCD to ensure visibility under strong sunlight. The flush mounted displays can blend with any vehicle cab seamlessly and provide a modern look and feel to your design.

The displays supports Qt by default and now offer CODESYS as an additional application development option. Grayhill’s own VUI Builder is preloaded for easy integration with an ECU. This software tool is used to create screens and graphic objects that display real-time gauge data, alert messages, clocks/run meters, diagnostics, maintenance information, machine setups and instructions.

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The products in display on our website is just a selection of what we can offer. Please let us know if you're looking for something not present at our site.

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