For over 35 years we have equipped our market with solutions and components for demanding applications and industries in Scandinavia and elsewhere.
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"The third component"

In order for us to be able to offer the right solution for your particular application, not only our knowledge is required - but also the knowledge that is available among our customers, suppliers and users. The key is the personal contact. We follow you from idea to delivery and you can talk to the same person all the way. In this way we can share your passion for the end product and thereby make the right choice along the way with the goal of helping you save both time and money.

Good components – we have plenty of it. But for us, it is first and foremost about solving a problem. By immerse ourselves in your particular challenge, together we can choose the right components, which improves the end user experience and to withstand the environment in your specific application.

Technical advice and support

We follow you all the way from concept and design to delivery. With a passion for detail and a good understanding of your or your client’s reality, we make sure you get the right parts for the right purpose.

Product development and adaptation

Sometimes it is not enough with standard product. We have extensive experience in product development and adaptation. Together we can with our suppliers customize products that meet your specific requirements. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

Agile logistics

Quick delivery is our everyday life. With over 3000 products in stock and a product range that includes over a million variations, we ensure that you get your products when you need them.