Our sustainability work

We at Stigab believe that environmental commitment is a natural part of a successful company.

Environmental policy

To be sure that the products we distribute are manufactured in an environmentally conscious way, we strive for all our manufacturers to be environmentally certified. We maintain environmentally conscious thinking by communicating our costumer's environmental requirements to manufacturers. In the office, all paper that is thrown away is recycled and we reuse packaging materials. We also try to reduce our paper consumption by striving for electronic communication.

We coordinate goods transports as far as possible to make fewer transports. The number of transports is also affected by previous complaints. That is why we put high demands on manufacturers in terms of product quality. This leads to both fewer transports and satisfied customers.

Working environment

  • We work to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe in the workplace through annual meetings and anonymous surveys.
  • We ensure that all employees have the right work tools and we relate to an ergonomic way of working by having adjustable chairs and tables.
  • We work for health and job satisfaction by engaging employees.
  • We continuously assess the work environment at risk and take preventive measures.
  • We follow up and evaluate work environment measures for continuous improvement.
  • We introduce new employees in the business, including in safety routines and in health programs.

Code of Conduct

Addtech, which is our parent company, aims to create added value for its stakeholders and build relationships based on respect, responsibility and high quality. Every year, Addtech produces a sustainability report in which the entire Group’s results from the CSR work are reported. For several years now, there has been a Code of Conduct that you can read more about on Addtech’s website. To read more about our Code of Conduct, click here.

Environmental impact

Since we do not have our own production, our environmental impact is not that big. It is mainly by prioritizing environmentally conscious manufacturers and thinking environmentally friendly regarding transports and office operations that we can be involved and influence.


  • We actively cooperate with customers and suppliers regarding environmental issues.
  • We manage energy and resources and prioritize environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • We comply with legislation and meet the requirements in the environmental area.
  • We strive for sustainable development by constantly improving our environmental work.
  • We always think about the environment when choosing company cars in the form of fuel-efficient vehicles.

Improvement work

We work with continuous improvements and with minimizing any emissions and pollution. We recycle paper and plastic in both offices and warehouses and reuses packaging materials.

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