Series 82 pushbuttons with illuminated symbols

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October 29, 2021

EAO has extended the robust Series 82 with a new attractive version. Now, the Series 82 pushbuttons are available with high-contrast and vivid illuminated symbols and narrow halo ring.

Many HMI applications require status feedback to ensure that they function reliably or can be operated conveniently. For example, the user should always know whether the machine or device is switched on or off. Such feedback is just as important in the food and beverage industry as it is with instrumentation, machinery, medical devices or specialist vehicles. Illuminated symbols for pushbuttons help provide quick and easily understood visual recognition of operational status.

Illuminated symbols meet these requirements with vivid LED illumination. Whether for status indication or easy location, the red, green, blue, white or red/green LEDs with standard symbols provide high-contrast, high-visibility illumination. Combined with modern design, the added benefit of attractive symbol illumination enhances both the visual appeal and functionality in any application.

Typical applications - Series 82 pushbuttons

  • Food and beverages industry
  • Heavy duty and special vehicles
  • Measurement devices and instruments
  • Reading lamps on the train
  • Access controls and security systems
  • Public interaction kiosks

Advantages - Series 82 pushbuttons

  • High-contrast, vivid illuminated symbols, and outer halo
  • Robust, attractive, and modern design
  • High IP65/IP67 protection and long service life
  • Single or bi-colour LEDs available
  • Six standard symbols available (others on request MOQ 5000 pieces)
Series 82 pushbuttons with illuminated symbols

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