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May 10, 2023

Many know STIGAB as a supplier of HMI/MMI interfaces, but did you know that we also can offer sensors?

Through our supplier Fenac, we can provide incremental and absolute pulse encoders based on inductive, magnetic, optical, or potentiometer technology. Together with Fenac, we offer the right quality for different applications through experienced and well-trained staff, thereby serving many markets and applications with durable, robust, and reliable encoder solutions.

We know that the options are many depending on the application. Whether it's an elevator, CNC machine, vehicle, or high-performance camera/radar, we can help you find the right solution with everything from simple shaft encoders to robust contactless sensors to keep track of speed, position, or direction (linear/rotary).

Below are some application examples. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or just want advice for your application, we are happy to help. Contact us at and we will support you.

Mobile crane

1. Wire-modules is used to measure the length and position of the telescopic arm.
2. Wire-modules is used to position the support legs.
3. Incremental or absolute encoders is used to position the rotating crane and cabin.

Surveillance systems

1. The ASI series is used to give high accuracy position of camera system.

Length measurement

1. Incremental encoder give speed and length information on fabric. Absolute encoder give precise position for material and bending machines. Rotating, high accuracy measuring wheels transfer movement to requried length.

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