Universal switch from EAO with added dual contact

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April 21, 2023

The Series 09 universal switch has been specially designed for use in vehicle interiors, particularly for cars, electric vehicles, buses, trucks and special vehicles. With the new DUAL CONTACT variant, it is now offered with even more configuration options.

Manufactured with at durable surface coating, these high-quality switches feature a modular, ergonomic design that deliver enhanced haptics and tactile feedback. They are available with illuminated symbols in accordance with ISO 7000. The basic range includes switches with white symbol illumination and the option of one, three or zero LED status indicators. Red symbol illumination for use as a warning light switch is also available as a standard configuration. Versions without a mechanical function, which are available as insertable indicators or blind plug, complete the range.

The diagnostic capability provided by resistance coding (Namur), together with the option of two redundant switching signals enables, for example, efficient switch status monitoring and prompt detection of cable breakages. Alternatively, the additional switching elements can be used to switch a second output.

Typical applications for Series 09 dual universal switches:

  • Menu / reset button
  • Lock / unlock
  • Headlight on / off
  • Heated seats / air conditioning / fan
  • Transmission control
  • SOS and hazard light switch
  • Various driving functions

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