Laird's Ttape 1000A - Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tape

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June 2, 2022

Ttape 1000A is a stand-alone pressure sensitive adhesive featuring one of the lowest thermal resistance available on the market, designed to facilitate the transfer of thermal energy from heat sources, such as IC chips, to heat sinks. Ttape 1000A offers a high degree of substrate conformability and adhesion needing only finger pressure to achieve excellent thermal performance eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners or clamping devices during assembly.

Ttape is a Thermally Conductive Tape which has a dual-purpose, providing excellent heat transfer along with reliable mechanical fastening.  No additional fastening hardware is required in connecting your thermal dissipation device (heatsink) to your component.  Double-sided Ttape is constructed from thermally conductive, pressure-sensitive acrylic. The resulting thermal interface material is cost-effective and reliable across various substrates with both high and low surface energy. The specialized chemistry of this tape renders them modestly soft and able to wet to many surfaces, allowing them to conform well to non-flat substrates, provide high adhesion, and act as a good thermal interface.  Ttape is available in custom-cut parts with a release liner on both sides or kiss-cut parts on a roll.

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