Tflex HP34 - A silicone-free, graphite-based gapfiller

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July 2, 2021

Tflex HP34 is the latest addition to Laird’s wide range of thermal interface materials.

This product suits many applications where very high thermal performance is needed. Silicone-free composition makes it suitable even where gap-fillers are usually avoided due to their silicone content.

Tflex HP34 is a graphite-based gap filler with oriented fibers providing a very high internal thermal conductivity, 34W/mK. Compared to other graphite-based thermal materials, the Tflex HP34 is significantly softer. This improves adaption to any surface unevenness, which lowers the thermal resistance across the interface. A high-performance soft graphite-based silicone-free gap filler with high thermal conductivity and low thermal contact resistance.

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