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January 22, 2021

Do you need to protect your sensor mechanically or do you have an application where the shaft or coupling on the rotary sensor is not robust enough?
Then read this. We might have the solution for you.

The QR30N angle sensor from DIS Sensors is designed to measure non contact rotary displacement, 0-360 degrees without mechanical stop. The magnet is mounted separate from the sensor. The gap between the sensor and the position magnet gives plenty of room for mechanical tolerances in extreme circumstances. If you’d like, you can even cover the sensor by putting some kind of protection between the magnet and the sensor! Any material can be used except of ferrous content.

The advantages of the QR30N contactless rotary encoder:

  • Contactless encoder (no wear, no mechanical end stop)
  • Sub ranges in measuring range are possible
  • Axial magnet distance 0.1 to 3 mm
  • Possible outputs: voltage, A/B pulse push/pull, current
  • Compact robust plastic housing (30x30x15mm)
  • Resolution 12 bits (0.09°) and repeatability 0.12°
  • IP67

Thanks to the magnet placement at the cylindrical nose-side it is easy to have an accurate axial alignment of the magnet. There are various position magnets and holders available.

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Click here for more information about QR30N

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