Choose the right e-stop switch with the new on-line configurator

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April 8, 2021

With EAO’s new e-stop switch configurator you will find it easier to choose what type to you need with regards to your own specific requirements. 6 different E Stop ranges and 1791 product combinations can now easily be narrowed down to what you really need.

The new configurator for emergency stops is an intuitive online tool that helps engineers easily specify a fully certified emergency stop approved to for example CE, UL, ISO EN 18350 and EN 60947-5-5 for use in machinery and other applications.

The configurator can be opened directly here.

The configurator allows engineers to enter each of the technical attributes needed for their equipment using pull down dialogue boxes to narrow down the product selection and to see photorealistic images at each stage in the selection. At each stage attributes can be updated and changed and matching accessories can be added.

Once the selection is finalized datasheets, technical specification and 3D drawing step files can be downloaded.

STIGAB will happily assist you in the design process and help you with any questions that might arise.

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