External position magnets for QR Sensors from DIS Sensors

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April 22, 2022

When you order a QR encoder with no shaft, a rectangular magnet is always included to be assembled separately on the rotating part in the application:

DIS Sensors magnet


Depending on your application, you might want to choose another type of magnet. This is possible as DIS also offers several other position magnet models. For further information about these options, follow the link below.


Pay attention to the distance between the magnet and the sensor. Different magnets have different magnetic fields and the distance specified in the sensor’s data sheet is tested with the included rectangular magnet.

Magnets DIS Sensors

For the QR30N series, DIS has tested the distance with the following 3 types of magnets:

With standard rectangular magnet: <7mm

With round d8h5: <2mm

With round d15h4: <9mm
You are very welcome to contact us at STIGAB for additional information!

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