New cost-effective joystick with very high performance

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March 25, 2021

Our JHL joystick is a new cost-effective IP68S dense half-power joystick with very high performance. Important with the new design has been to get a joystick that can handle very high mechanical loads (250 lbs) and it has a long life of 6 million cycles.

The JHL series is mounted from above and then becomes panel-tight with the rubber hood and the installation depth becomes very shallow with its compact design.

We can also supply JHL with different types of grips/handles that are equipped with customer-unique solutions in terms of how many switches or proportional rollers are desired (länk till grepp).

JHL is designed to meet high demands on RFI and EMI (SAE J1113) and can deliver with J1939 or CANopen, either with single outputs or dual redundant sensors.

The JHL can also be paired with an OTTO G3 series universal grip or a G3-D control grip for a more complete solution. See the HJLG3 series.


Click here for more information about the JHL joystick

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