HOC Yachts uses Grayhill hand control 3J in new boat

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October 17, 2016
A brand new Swedish boat, HOC 33P, designed on Gotland was recently presented at the boat show “Allt på Sjön”.

HOC Yachts together with Stigab designed the controller “3J” and a-axis paddle “68B” from Grayhill to control functions on the big screen. This makes it possible to control many functions of a single control, which in turn saves space, cost and simultaneously simplifies for the user.

Grayhill’s 3J

Grayhill’s 3J is a controller that replaces the computer mouse or touch in mobile environments such as trucks, agricultural machinery, loaders, forklifts and cranes. With 3J controller, the operator can easily navigate menus, make selections and settings on the vehicle display. 3J communicates directly with the on-board computer via the CAN bus with either J1939 or CANopen protocol. The unit has a rotatable knob to scroll through menus. The steering wheel also functions as a four-way joystick and a centered pushbutton to make menu selections. Five keys are located around the steering wheel for easy access to frequently used functions. The keys can be obtained with or without symbolic pressure.

Find out more about Grayhill 3J

Paddle 68B

Series 68B is unique among Grayhill human interface components. It is similar to a single-axis joystick in that it provides ratiometric output along a single axis. The redundant Hall effect sensor recognizes the absolute position along a +/- 40°axis.

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