Single axis

When we describe single axis joysticks, we mean that there is a movement in one axis, usually it is forward-backward or an increase, for example, in rpm from low to high. The movement can start from the center and move to the outer end, or start from one side to give maximum output on the opposite side. All our single-axis joysticks are with 5V supply.

More information about Single axis

Our joysticks are available in different dimensions and functions, when we describe single axis it is a joystick where the cradle, roller, lever or handle moves in a movement in one axis direction. For example, the front-back movement is an axis, or an accelerator pedal is an axis where it goes from low to high in a track. A single-axis joystick can be in different forms or functions, the most common being that it starts from a middle position and can then move towards two different end positions. But it is also possible to start from an end position and then move to the opposite side. Most common is 5V supply where the output signal is 10-90% or 0.5 to 4.5V with hall effect sensors.

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