Grayhill Introduces New Hall Effect Products

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May 8, 2017
Grayhill, Inc. introduced a new family of products that utilize Hall Effect Technology at CONEXPO 2017. This enables the products to have long and reliable operational life, coupled with low power consumption.

The Hall Effect technology works by having a sensor that detects the altered position of an element (such as the shaft in a joystick or encoder) within a magnetic field. The position is proportionally outputted via various formats such as I2C, open collector or push-pull output.

  • Series 67A: IP67 rated Hall-Effect joystick with a built in micro-controller for I2C communication protocol – first to offer digital output from a joystick with a 28mm tall bat-handle, requiring just 18mm of behind panel depth.
  • Series 67B: one of the smallest joysticks to offer Hall-Effect technology with I2C digital output and only requires 3.3V of power input; IP67 Rated.
  • Series 67C: gives the user the option to have joystick, pushbutton, and encoder all in one. Analog joystick outputs are proportional to angle of shaft deflection.
  • Series 68A: quadrature coding with push / pull output, additional interface options include an integrated pushbutton.
  • Series 68B: a dash-panel switch that can function as a two-way joystick (spring-return to center), a rocker switch or a latching push button.
  • Series 68P: a non-contact rotary position sensor with a rated operational life of 3,000,000 cycles.

The new Hall Effect family of products offers a wide array of applications:

  • Agricultural & Construction navigation and engine speed controls
  • Global positioning/Driver information systems
  • Medical imaging: X-ray, CT scanner, MRI patient tables
  • Test & Measurement: oscilloscopes, multi-meters
  • Audio/Visual: mixing boards, recording equipment
  • Material handling equipment and crane operations
  • CNC Positioning
  • Industrial or Robotic Control

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