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Toimitamme teollisuuden eri sovelluksiin tarkkuutta, turvallisuutta ja laatua omaavat komponenttiratkaisut – niin isoihin kuin pieniin kohteisiin.
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STIGAB has for a long time delivered electromechanical components to satisfied customers with high demands. Whatever you are looking for, you will often find the solution in our wide range. Actuators, switches and buttons for all needs.

We offer emergency stops from our Swiss partner EAO - world leader in the field. Thermal control using cooling fins or liquid-cooled plates combined with appropriate thermal interface materials.

We are Channel Partner for Laird in Scandinavia and distribute a complete product range of Performance Materials for, among other things. EMI shielding for Nordic customers. Solenoids for controlling movement.

Self-sealing fasteners, nuts, washers, rivets or screws with built-in o-ring seal from our partner APM Hexseal . You find what you are looking for at STIGAB.

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The products in display on our website is just a selection of what we can offer. Please let us know if you're looking for something not present at our site.

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Kankurinkatu 4–6 FI-05810 HYVINKÄÄ


Puh: +358 40 961 44 76