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Edustamamme  joystickit ovat rakenteeltaan erittäin vahvoja ja kestävät kovaa käyttöä vaativissa olosuhteissa kuten työkoneissa. Ne perustuvat Hall-teknologiaan, ja niillä on siten erittäin hyvä luotettavuus ja pitkä käyttöikä vaativissa sovelluksissa joissa vaaditaan myös suurta koneen turvallisuutta
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Our joysticks are a great choice for those looking for a joystick or grip. These joysticks are very sturdy in the construction and can handle tough conditions in hard working environments. All joysticks use hall-effect technology and thus have very good reliability and longevity even in demanding applications and where high machine safety is required.

We offer joysticks from both OTTO and Grayhill in various designs, including finger joystick and thumbjoy sticks and more. Simple single-axis and even more advanced with multiple axes and integrated switches and encoders. Our joysticks are also available in different enclosure classes such as, for example, IP68 or IP54 to suit your purpose.

Our joystick is approved for ISO 13849 ISO 13766 ISO 13309 ISO 14982 UN ECE R10

Do you need to meet requirements for machine safety according to the new machine directive EN ISO 13849-1?

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The products in display on our website is just a selection of what we can offer. Please let us know if you're looking for something not present at our site.

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Puh: +358 40 961 44 76