OTTO G3-0100: Universal control grip, small


The G3 Universal Grips can be customized for top-of-the line machines requiring high switch content or to provide only basic control functions on lower tier units. The OTTO G3 Universal Grips have a modular design and were developed for use with OTTO’s standard Pushbuttons, Rockers, Toggles, Hall Effect switches and the new JH Hall Effect Joystick. Both the G3-0100 small grip is easily customized to multiple switch configurations. Switches can be added or deleted for different applications quickly and without any tooling charges.

Dimensions (click to enlarge)


G3-0100, small grip

Choose your own functionalities:

T4 K5 P3D
Trimswitches Rocker switches Push button switches
HTWM md-serien WT
Z-axis, Hall-effect Indicators Toggle switches
G3-00000 Bild

G3-0000: (Svenska) Fox Contourgrip

G2 C Puff

G2 Commander: (Svenska) Kapslat Aluminiumgrepp


STG3: Control grip, ergonomic


G3-0360: Hand control, two hands


G3-0101: Universal control grip, big


G3-0230: Control grip, straight