Grayhill 3J: Hand control for Vehicle Display Computer



Grayhill’s 3J is a controller that replaces the computer mouse or touch in mobile environments such as trucks, agricultural machinery, loaders, forklifts and cranes.

With 3J controller, the operator can easily navigate menus, make selections and settings on the vehicle display. 3J communicates directly with the on-board computer via the CAN bus with either J1939 or CANopen protocol. The unit has a rotatable knob to scroll through menus. The steering wheel also functions as a four-way joystick and a centered pushbutton to make menu selections. Five keys are located around the steering wheel for easy access to frequently used functions. The keys can be obtained with or without symbolic pressure.

Available in several versions, some of which are shown below. Contact us for more information.

Manufacturer: Grayhill 

Technical data
Temperature range: -40° – +85°C
Protection: IP67
Power: 9 – 32 VDC
Life cycle: Encoder and pushbutton 1.000.000 cycles / Joystick 500.000 cycle
Type and description
3J0015-200(N) Encoder with pushbutton, J1939, (N=CAN-open)
3J0115-200(N) Joystick with encoder and pushbutton, J1939, (N=CAN-open)
3J2015-200(N) Encoder with pushbutton and symbols, J1939, (N=CAN-open)
3J2115-200(N) Joystick with encoder and pushbuttons with symbols, J1939, (N=CAN-open)

60A: Single axis joystick with encoder and push button switch


60AD: Single axis joystick with encoder and push button switch


60C: Two axis joystick with encoder and push button switch