OTTO HJFC: Foot pedal, sealed

hjfc hjfc_b

The HJFC Hall Effect Foot Pedal is built to perform under the worse possible conditions. The unique design places Hall sensors and electronics behind a solid plastic diaphragm that separates the top and bottom halves of the front pedal, sealing the electronics in an IP68 rated enclosure. The bottom half of the pedal utilizes the same proven non contacting analog output Hall technology used in the OTTO Joystick and is available in J1939 and CAN Open formats.

It provides 8 analog input channels, 13 digital input channels, 2 digital output channels and I/O extension for up to 40 digital input channels and 8 analog input channels by means of l2C interface. It will withstand operating temperature extremes of -40 C to +85 C is sealed to IP68 immersion requirements and passes EMI/RFI immunity testing to 100 Volts/ meter. The HJFC Foot Pedal provides a life expectance of over 9 million cycles.

The pedals pivot point itself is also sealed against large debris. Customer specified features such as pre-travel (dead band) and over travel along with a minimum and maximum output are programmable. The sensor programming is completed in automated fixtures during assembly ensuring tight output tolerances. The HJFC Foot Pedal offers more performance features, a higher cycle and seal rating than any other foot pedal in the market.

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JHS: Single axis joystick


HPW 2: Single axis Rocker with analogue/linear output


HTWM: Single axis Rocker with analogue/linear output


HTW: Single axis thumbwheel


HPW 1: Single axis Rocker with analogue/linear output


U2: Single axis Rocker with analogue/linear output


HTL-2: (Svenska) Enaxlig


68B: 68B


HTLT-2: Enaxlig med tryckfunktion