Sensata Technologies AP / UP (Serie 202): Breaker with magnetic circuit protection

Hydraulisk automatsäkring; ap; up; serie 202

The Airpax™ AP series are fully sealed, magnetic circuit protectors that combine power switching and accurate, reliable circuit protection with inverse time delays and trip free features.

Unlike a thermal circuit protector, the AP does not change its trip current over a wide temperature span. In addition, the AP magnetic circuit protector is available in either DC, 50/60Hz or 400Hz versions and with various delays to match the protector to specific application requirements. Working Temperature -40°C to +100°



Supply: 0,05A – 20A, upp till 50Vdc alt. 240Vac per pol
Sealing: Hermetic sealed
Approvals: MIL-PRF-39019 (Valbart) / MIL-Std-202 / UL1077 / C22.2 no. 235

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 Link to datasheet: AP_UP_serie 202_Broschyr


SNAPAK rocker switch

SNAPAK: Breaker with magnetic circuit protection