Grayhill : (Svenska) 62SG Optisk pulsgivare




The new Series 62SG Encoder has a 0.3-inch (7.5mm) behind panel depth, making this compact encoder ideal for space saving applications. For a fully enclosed encoder, it also has one of the smallest footprints, at approximately a half-inch square (12.7 x 14.7mm to be exact). Despite this compact size, it still offers a distinct tactile feedback. There are even two options for rotational torque and pushbutton force. Finally, the 62SG has the widest temperature range of any compact, enclosed encoder. Combined, these features make the Series 62SG Encoder ideal for mobile applications such as navigation systems, dashboard assemblies and portable medical electronics. The 62SG Series Encoders are manufactured from 100% hard tooled piece parts and utilize a patented technology for optical switching. This is the same technology that has been field tested and proven reliable in the Series 62AG Encoder. These design enhancements enable the 62xG Range encoders to be price competitive, while providing superior reliability and performance. The optically-coupled switching in the Series 62AG, NG and SG enable the encoders to surpass one million rotational cycles, thus providing superior durability over corresponding mechanical encoders.







: 62NG – Optisk pulsgivare


60A: Single axis joystick with encoder and push button switch


60AD: Single axis joystick with encoder and push button switch


3J: Hand control for Vehicle Display Computer


51: Mechanical encoder

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62A,62D,62V: Optical encoder, 5 and 3.3 V

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62S: Low Profile Optical Encoder

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62M: Magnetic Detent Optical Encoder


60C: Two axis joystick with encoder and push button switch