Grayhill 3D50: Vehicle Display 5″




Series 3D50, Vehicle display, features intuitive touch technology to select objects and swipe through screens. An advanced sensor automatically recognizes between bare and gloved hands, even when the display surface is wet. Utilizing a 5-inch backlit WVGA LCD, users benefit from the high contrast text and graphics for excellent sunlight readability. A scratch-resistant, anti-glare window is bonded to the LCD to protect it and enhance optical characteristics.
The Series 3D50 utilizes Grayhill’s PC software tool for easy integration with an ECU. The PC software tool is used to create screens and graphic objects that display real-time gauge data, alert messages, clocks/run meters, diagnostics, maintenance information, machine setups and instructions. 

In addition, Series 3D50 can be used as a simple terminal to display objects direct from the vehicle’s ECU, such as fault or service messages. Using the touch screen, the vehicle operator can select the information that he or she wants to present from the objects and screens loaded in the flash memory or sent from the vehicle ECU.

Development is easy with demonstration applications and a development kit that features a USB to Ethernet adapter for easy connectivity. The development kit also demonstrates how the display is flush mounted for seamless integration into any cab design.

To benefit OEM and aftermarket customers, Series 3D50 is available in three standard configurations most appropriate to their application: 1) with only RS-232, USB and 1 CAN port; 2) with the addition of a second CAN port, 2 video connections plus I/O; and 3) with the addition of a projected capacitive touch screen.

Grayhill’s 3D Series displays are built for the rugged conditions and harsh environments common in agriculture and construction vehicles. All displays in the 3D Series undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the ISO and ANSI specifications, such as environmental seal, temperature range and electrical conditions.


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