Sensata Technologies SNAPAK: Breaker with magnetic circuit protection


SNAPAK push pull

Airpax SNAPAK® ™ series is a snap-acting hydraulic breakers with magnetic circuit protection. which combines the functions of three separate components: switches, fuses and fuse holders. Which means only one component needs to be installed instead of three.

Alternative switch: Toggle switch / Push-button / Push button reset / rocker switches

Supply voltage: 0,1A-30A, up to 65Vdc or 250Vac
Approvals: MIL-Std-202 / UL1077 / UL489A / C22.2 no.235 / EN60934
Amount, poles: 1 or 2


Link to data sheet: snapak_Broschyr



Hydraulisk automatsäkring; ap; up; serie 202

AP / UP (Serie 202): Breaker with magnetic circuit protection