Emergency stop or Stop switch?

Emergency Stops are for applications where risk assessments show the need for a certified E Stop switch to shut down equipment.
An E Stop must have forced opening contacts and latch-in, reaching a point of no return prior to the contacts opening. Called ‘fool proof’ or ‘trigger action’.
The colour of the mushroom head must be red and the background colour of the switch should be a yellow body, or yellow label
An E stop can utilise, either twist release, pull release or a key release
E Stops need to conform to strict regulation covered under EN 60947-5-5 and EN 418 updated under the more recent standard EN13850.
New under EN13850 – No text on button, new symbol instead of text, shrouds or collars should not impede operation of button.

Stop switches are used for shutting down equipment where risk assessments do not require a certified E Stop
A Stop switch is generally a mushroom head twist release switch, but does not need to have forced opening contacts, or a trigger action.
The colour of the Stop switch does not have to be red and yellow.
Generally, the price of a Stop switch may be expected to be lower in cost and considered to be an a less critical component
Often a Stop switch will be used as an on/off device, not just a device for use in a case of equipment malfunction or a safety issue.

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