Knowledge and passion

Offering the best solution to suit your needs and applications takes more than just our knowledge. Experience and skills from our customers, manufacturers and end users constantly have an impact on our work. The key factor is close personal relations. We will stand by your side all the way from the sketchboard to delivery and you stand in direct contact with the same Stigab representative throughout the process. This enables us to share your passion for the product and make the best decisions on our way forward.
We offer substantial knowledge as well as technical components for several industries:


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Mobile machines and vehicles in demanding industries such as forestry, construction and cargo. Our wide range of products enables smooth and reliable solutions, both inside and outside the cabin.


industri, industrial, teollisuus

With high demands on precision, safety and quality we deliver solutions and components to suit several industrial applications around the world – regardless of size.


försvar, defense, puolustus materiaalit
Solutions for military vehicles and machines on the ground, in air or offshore. Extreme environments puts not only our products at test – but also us.

Medical technology

medicin, medical tech, lääkintälaitteet
Cleanliness and reliability are critical aspects when designing solutions adapted to the medical industry. With a wide range of products such as keypads, displays and keyboards accompanied with our experience we are able to meet the toughest requirements.